Dollar General – Got My Free Tampons

Last night I realized after the kids were in bed that my 2 coupons for $1 Off Any Rephresh Brand Item were expiring LAST NIGHT. So I left my husband at home and ran over to Dollar General to use them. We didn’t need anything else, so I didn’t want to spend money on anything I didn’t have to in case the register freaked out over my $0 total.  I have never actually made a $0 purchase at Dollar General before. I was wondering what would happen.  I mean, I knew what SHOULD happen but you never know.  I just don’t like to weird cashier’s out with the $0 total so normally I buy some gum or something.

I walked in, grabbed my 2 boxes of Brilliant Tampons for $1, and went to the register. It went down like this:

She rang up the first box, scanned a coupon. Rang up a second box, scanned a coupon. Hit the total button. And handed me my 2 boxes.  For free.

It was so easy it felt weird.

I just traded 2 coupons for 2 boxes of tampons and didn’t pay anything.

Then for kicks and giggles I opened up the box and inside there was another $1 off coupon. If I always use Rephresh, I will always have free tampons.  This is a GREAT example of something you might not need or use, but could get and donate to a women’s shelter.  You could also stock up on them in case of an emergency.  You never know-you might lose a job, a natural disaster could strike, life happens and you never know when you need to fall back on your storage.

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  1. Where did you find the coupons?

    • Jennifer-it was a printable coupon that is no longer available. I printed it almost a month ago and have been forgetting to use them for the longest time.

  2. Every time I have purchased a box of these at dollar general there has been a 1.00 coupon inside the box for your next purchase. Buy a few boxes and then you will have coupons to use to make them free. I have 5 coupons to use when I can next find them (our local store no longer carries them; have to look out of town). Also if you wait to shop on a Sat., you will save an extra .20 if you use the 5/25 DG discount. That makes them .80 plus the tax on 1.00.

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