Dollar General Customer Service Contact Number

If you are looking to contact the Dollar General, here is some quick info!

You can find their contact page here if you would like to send them an email.

Or, you can call this number


And speak to their customer service department.  I strongly believe in letting companies know if there is a problem in their store.  They won’t be able to fix the issues if they don’t know that they exist.

******** I AM NOT DOLLAR GENERAL! *********

While I appreciate each and every comment and feel your pain, you need to CALL the NUMBER listed.  I am not Dollar General. I am not going to change any problems you have with your particular store. I am not going to forward this to corporate.  I have no control over what happens at these stores.

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  1. Jamica Davis says:

    Manager of Center Point Al store is rude. He had the nerve to tell me he didn’t have time to get something off shelf for me because they were waiting on him to unload a truck. He was only one a few steps away from me & could have eaily reached it without a ladder as he is much taller than me. I also don’t like because Dollar General does not give rain checks. I will never be back to that store ever again.

  2. Cheredan says:

    I shop at this store several times a week plus make lots of Christmas and birthday purchases there.
    Recently, a female employee with long, dark, curly hair said, “we’re closed, you have to leave”. It was several minutes before closing time.
    A few weeks ago, I watched a black woman shove a huge bag full of clothes etc. obviously not worried about being seen. I pointed the shoplifting out as did another shopper, the employees mumbled among each other until the shoplifter walked passed all of us, out the door.
    They never open more than one lane, no matter how long the line or how many employees are there. When I buy from the 50% off rack, they will not take it off unless I point out each item, then they act like its a real inconvenience. They’ll argue about items being on sale, sometimes they say it’s included in the marked down price (depends on the employee). Once a manager (with long, light colored hair and bangs) told me I got it across the aisle from the sign, I told her where I got it then she said, “they must have done it without my permission” and took the stuff off the conveyor belt. As I was paying, the guy that rang me up apologized and the manager, holding my stuff in her hands, called out, “this stuff is going on clearance in a day or two, just not right now”.
    I drive past the Dollar General at 17809 Batesville Pike Sherwood, Arkansas #13861 to Gravel Ridge or Wal-mart every time now, even in a hurry, its such a hassle its no more convenient anyway.
    All my neighbors and family have had the same complaints.

  3. Meigs Cooperative Parish says:

    Our ministry uses the local Dollar General Stores in Racine and Pomeroy Ohio to purchase items for our ministry. Several months ago our checks were declined by Certegy for Code 2. This was out of the blue as we have always wrote checks there without any difficulty. We tried to call the telephone number given only to receive automation without any resolution. We contacted our local bank and they gave us a telephone number which I telephoned to actually talk to a REAL person who asked not only information about the ministry but my personal information which I supplied. When I finished I asked if I could write checks that will be accepted and she said probably not but she would send me an application. I receive the application and the application asked for the same information I supplied both to Dollar General and the lady I talked with. I mailed it in and have heard nothing from Certegy. We will be starting shopping for our Christmas ministry so our small community will lose money that will go out of state if the situation has not been resolved. We hope you can help as we are not a fly by night ministry as we have been in the community since 1972. Thank you for the help.

  4. I am both an employee and customer of Dollar General. There has been no working restroom or running water in our store for 6 days now. I feel this is not only wrong for the employees, but for those customers who need to find a restroom in a timely manner. The time delays between reporting a problem, and seeing it actually resolved are epic. I like my job, but the conditions that stores are in due to lack of maintenance needs addressing. People like a store with heat/air (which goes out often), plumbing, ect. Please address the breakdown in this area.

    Andrea Fox

    • Hello Andrea!

      I would love to help you, but I am a blogger who just runs a blog where you can find coupons and deals for Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. I am not actually associated with Dollar General. I hope you can use the information (such as the service contact number) in this post s solve your issue.

      Best of luck.

  5. jane sisner says:

    I shop at the new store in Accident MD. While the inside of the store is very nice the outside is a pigsty. Hundreds of cigarette butts laying literally all over the parking lot. The wide walkway into the store is always dirty and littered and looks like it hasn’t been swept in weeks. It obviously needs to be swept daily. They need to have surprise inspections by their higher ups! Several times I have walked in to hear the one manager (and always the same one because he has a slight speech impediment so I know it’s the same one) “discussing” other employees and complaining about something a customer ask them for. “I told her we aren’t Walmart!” was one of the comments I have heard. They need an intercom system or if they have one they need to use it instead of screaming back and forth to each other over the entire store.

  6. Kay Greene says:

    Just visited our local Dollar General Store located In Ronceverte, West Virginia – went in looking for a certain item that was listed on the comment section of the internet of who sold this item and the Dollas General Store was listed as stocking it – was told very rudely that they did not sell this item that I misread the article. Tried to tell her that I had not misread the comment and she and another employee only got nastier – have since looked it up again and it stated that Dollar General Stores sells the item that I was looking for – someone needs to give these employees a talking to about how to talk to customers – will not shop in that location again.

  7. Glenda Rowell says:

    Hi just to start off I live dollar general I go there all the time and love it. Now I went to the dollar general in lake Jackson Texas next to Aarons and I had such a bad experience I couldn’t find anything it was clutter all in the front. The tung that got me the most was the in organized shelfs I know your company has plan o grams or something like that but there was baby items right in the middle of the hbc items it took me 5 min to find bath soap they had it in 3 different spots with stuff between them down an isle I couldn’t even find the face wash I get there all the time in brazoria. Someone needs to step in and clean that store up it looks like hoarders gone wrong

  8. Isabel perez says:

    I was a victim of racism, in the Austin tx store

  9. Unhappy Customer says:

    Store #02462 advertised 12 pack pepsi products at 3 for $11.00. I tried to purchase a 12 pack of Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew (3 total) and was told that the 3 for $11.00 could only be applied if purchasing 3 of the same soda even though they are all pepsi products and were all the same price. They have lost my business!

    • Hey-I am sorry to hear that. I am just someone who blogs about deals you can find at the dollar store and don’t actually have any contact with Dollar General management. I suggest contacting Dollar General with yoru issue so they can resolve it. Best of luck.

  10. wanted to commend one of your emploees I’m a 60 yr old Navy vet, I recently shoped at you store on 1-16-2014 bought bird seed and a 6pk of beer, at the regsiter Kevin asked me for my ID, no problem I had it, I wanted to thank you and Kevin for renewing my trust in your stores
    store #14249 time was about 14:51

  11. I have been to several dollar generals 2 off hwy 81 east McDonough ga… Newton county ga… Peeksville rd henry county ga.. BATHROOMS OUT OF ORDER want my money pay a plumber to keep your bathrooms in working order.. This is all the time. Bad business

    • Hey Pam,

      this is a blog about Dollar General/Family Dollar/Dollar Tree. I am not affiliated with any of those stores, rather, I just posted this information to help you contact the actual company. Hope it helps.

  12. john nelson says:

    Dollar general, los molinos ca. a three dollar, 31 cent item. twenty dollar bill. clerk hands me back 16 dollars, 69 cents, with the receipt on top, in one jumbled gob . i asked him to count it back out to me. he was bewildered. i called for the manager, and asked her why the employee had not been trained to dispense change in the proper manner. she replied that it ‘did not matter’ to her.
    well, it does not matter to me that i never shop there again.
    p.s/ let us know how the idiot manager works out for you..hahaha.

    • Hi John.

      This is a blog about the Dollar Stores, I am not affiliated with Dollar General in any way! I hope you find the number and contact information listed in the post above so they can help resolve your issue.

  13. sherly hll says:

    Hi My name is Sherly Hill and I am in need of getting a copy of my receipt from my purchase on 3-10-2014 for the amount of $47.25,because I have to turn a copy of that receipt in to my job at the end of the month.The store name is Dollar General Market and the store address is 1803 knight ave waycross ga 31501.The store number is 09826.I made this purchase with a company credit card and the last four digits of the card is 7617.If you will could you please fax me a copy of this receipt,because it is mandatory that I have it.The fax number is 912-449-7052 to Sherly Hill with supportive Housing,Thanks and God Bless.

    • Hey Sherly!

      I am not affiliated with Dollar General at all. You will actually need to contact Dollar General. Best of luck.

  14. Wanda Stephenson says:

    I’m really getting tired of trying to buy a product for the price posted on the shelf and getting to the register and being charged another. This happens at least 1 out of 2 times. The store in Abernathy, TX is new and it looks like a junk store. No, worse. I have seen junk stores that look better than this one. What a shame. Someone needs to clean this store up.

  15. I am a current employee for DG. I have been with the company since June 2013. It wasn’t even a month, and I was offered to be a keyholder. I accepted the task to become a keyholder. I have a new store manager. The last one left at the end of Thanksgiving. The new one started at the beginning-mid January. I have been told by my former boss and current boss that I am one of the best, if not best on our staff. The new store manager hired a girl and I ended up training her to be a keyholder & then out the blue my store manager gives the girl the lead sales associate spot while the girl was still learning the register and while I was training her. I did not take that well at all. The girl ended up quitting & then I gother position; the lead sales associate. Now I feel as if I am expericing racism or favoritism. I have tried and tried to just let things go, but it seems like I always end up with the end of the stick. I think I may need corporate’s number.

  16. Txladydi says:

    I shop at DG in Tatum, TX and the manager is a big flirt, his name is Jody!! He flirts with allthe women and he is married, I’ve also heard him make sexual comments about customers to his employees. And only one register is open because the other one is stacked up with papers and merchandise!! Wish corporate would do something about him because it makes for an uncomfortable shopping trip.
    Thank you!!

  17. Javier A. says:

    I play this Dollar General survey for a long time and when I finally win they told me to wait for a questionnaire to sign and send it back so I can have my $1000 dollars 3 months pass and nothing so I call and they told me to play again so I was so disappointed and for what reason they do that.. Its been 5 months.. This dollar general survey is a scam.

  18. William Miskovic says:

    I recently went to the Dollar General Store in Little River, S.C. to purchase some “Top Job Bleach”, advertised as One (1) Gallon for $1.00. In checking the bottle I found out from the label that the bottle only contained three (3) quarts. This must be the new math because I was taught that 4 quarts equal 1 gallon. Isn’t this false advertising or just and old way of scamming the public.

  19. Shaun XXXXX was hired at Dollar General in Fairmount, IN. His first day to start was 6/8/2014. Shaun also shared that his significant other is 9 months pregnant. Shaun called Brandi (Store Manager) the June 7th and informed her that his significant other is in pre-labor and will be having their baby anytime. Brandi stated that when that happens to contact someone to let them know. On June 8th approximately 10:00am a family member called the store to tell them that his wife/girlfriend is in full labor and already admitted into the hospital and if we should call the manager at home. Female employee stated “No, she would probably still be asleep on her day off”. Employee said she could text the Brandi and let her know the situation and let her know we are requesting a call and would like to speak with her so Shaun wouldn’t stress over losing his job or missing his child’s birth. About 30 minutes later I texted Brandi and explained that Shaun was at the hospital getting ready to have a baby and that he was pretty worried about missing his first day of work but really needs to be there for his childs birth. I again requested a response. Brandi never responded or tried to contact Shaun. Approximately an hour later I contacted the store and ask if employee had made contact with Brandi and she said “Yes”. She went on to say that she was sorry but Brandi said if he doesn’t show up at his designated time then he is fired. I then informed Shaun what was said and then we discussed his options. Shaun apologized to his girlfriend but he had to have this job. I then called the store back so Shaun could spend every minute in the labor room. Same female employee answered and I told her that Shaun would in fact be there at his designated time. A couple family members left the hospital in Anderson to take Shaun to work. When Shaun walked in the store he was immediately told to go home that he no longer has a job because “they have a business to run and do not have time for your games”. Still scratching my head on what games she is talking about. How would he even been able to play games before when this was his very first day? Shaun was extremely distraught as he not only lost his job for NO REASON at all but he also missed his childs birth. I then called Brandi to see what was going on as I was worried about Shaun at this point. I ask Brandi why Shaun was fired when he showed up on time. Brandi made a derogatory remark about why his mother is calling for him when he is 25 years old (because Shaun was to distraught to be speaking to anyone at this time). Brandi stated that Shaun had already called off yesterday (for today’s 6/8/14 shift) and that is why he is being let go. Why would she have told the female employee that if he didn’t show up he would be fired if she was basing it off of yesterdays call off. Shaun didn’t actually call off yesterday but was only giving Brandi a “heads up” about the possible birth of his child. Everyone I have discussed this with is just beside their self and have never heard of this happening before, especially when he was told if he didn’t show today he would be fired. I personally believe that Brandi wanted to get rid of Shaun anyway because there is another fairly new girl working there that does not like Shaun and, Brandi appears to be somewhat impressionable by others and would rather impress the more popular employee. I would just like to know what the REAL reason for this horrible situation.

  20. Barb walker Former Manager says:

    Some Manager at your store in kansas city parvin rd 02652 daniell killough.Is Rude as hell.A Idiot and Ass assistant Tom woodbury is no better

  21. Hello Anna, Thank you for providing this service! I hope you make a little something for your effort. I have to tell my story now as I need to vent. Firstly I am blown away by the complaints on here that are the same exact problems (PLUS) that I experience! yes, I have experience some of the most ignorant employees at Dollar general, and I’m talking Florida & New York. I recently moved to N.Y and have a DG store in a location called Mont Pleasant. The inside and outside of the store is FILTHY, they have gone through at least and I kid you not 15 employees in the year that I lived here. They are always out of products that are big items like CHEESE, MILK, TUNA etc, they don’t even have the typical mop head that every store in the U.S carries, no they have the oddest ones that are still stacked on the shelf from a year ago. The ones that janitors use where you have to unscrew the bottom, feed it through and tighten it again. I know that seems like I’m nit picking but to me, it clearly shows a lack of customer service and management. I called the general manager about how they are always out of bread, milk, cheese etc. etc. and all I got was “EXCUSES” which seems to filter right on down to the employees, they treat the customers like dogs, as if we are an inconvenience to them. had I not been sick at the time I would have gone elsewhere but had little choice at the time. I also assisted them in catching many shoplifters as each time I went in the isles were full of shoplifters. This, as there was a LONG line and as usual only one register open while another employee was busy texting. Funny thing is when it was another store 30 years ago I was asst. manger & I guess I still have that “the customer is always right” rule stuck in my way of thinking. After speaking to the general manager, I decided that I was done with that store and stopped going in there for 9 months. I must say I spent an average of about $175 a month there for at least three months straight so they lost that income, maybe less but you get my point. I always bought the necessities there as well as cleaning supplies and candle etc. Well after nine months something happened to where I needed something quickly so I went to the store when I entered there was the usual LONG LINE and as always the few items I needed were out of stock. The product that is there is usually because, like the mop head, nobody will buy like bisquick mix, instead of having the regular kind with other choices they only have garlic and it never changed. So again, I stopped going there, then the other day I ran in to get some things to aid me in moving, I get to the end of a long line and they announce they can only take cash, no credit cards, not their fault but it is always some problem(S) whenever I go in there, I dread going into any DG store. So I go to the location on State St. and I wanted to grab some frozen food items and of course there was a chubby unhappy employee stocking there, she glanced at me and saw I want to get in the area she was stocking instead of moving she made me wait till she turned to get another box and while doing so would not move the cart etc out of my way. Then when I got my items I looked back at her only to get a dirty look. THIS IS THE FAULT OF THE CORPORATION because I experience this type of service in every DG store in and out of State. Add ignorant employees and you got yourself a chain that will fail within a few years as others will pop up and then they will focus on Customer Service as if they care, only to fail anyway as it will be too late. So I emailed corporate and the form said I’d hear back with-in two days, four days later, natta. I have one more dreaded trip to make to the store to return items and then I will never set foot in a DG store again, as long as I live. Now you know why the people that posted had a LOT to say and I can promise you this, what I posted isn’t even the half of it. So I would like to remind people that we still have the power of choice and the best choice is to not shop at any DG store again, there are far better, cheaper stores that don’t deceive and call themselves a dollar store when in face very few items are a dollar. So today is the last day I ever set foot in a DG store and as I write this I dread going there as there will be no doubt something that will piss me off. I will visit this page and get coupons for other stores but not DG.

    • Oh my gosh. That is quite the experience. I am so sorry. I hear it all the time, I occasionally call them and tell them to check out the comments and they don’t really seem to care. They could really own the industry if they tried! Family Dollar just got bought by Dollar Tree, too!

  22. Hi the dollar general in george west tx is bad and the manager scott is rude and mean to vendors people are quiting on hime plz help corporate office or district mananger pat sleeping with him thats why he does wat he wants with everyone its not fair

  23. My husband works for Dollar General in Greensboro Florida. His manager is a sorry piece of crap. Only allows him to work 4 hours, because he’s black and I know this because he’s not the only one that works 4 hours. If you’re white and work there you get a full 8 hours and over time. Yes I have contacted dollar general and told them about the situation, but they were so unprofessional they called my husband and cussed him out saying he was wrong. Well now my husband’s manager gives him 8 hours you would think that solved the problem right? Nope! Not even close so when my husband goes to work they get lunch break of course right? Well we both notice that his pay was a little less than what we added up so come to find out his manager has been changing the time on the time sheets to where he’d get paid less. Just last weekend my husband went to lunch and his manager went and turned in his time sheet and when my husband went back to work he worked for free!! Yes we contacted higher authorities for Dollar General, but they have yet to do anything!


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