DIY Dollar Store Angel Wings

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DIY Dollar Store Angel Wings 2I saw the cutest Valentine pictures on Pinterest and thought I’d subject my poor little boy to some as well.  I didn’t want to spend a whole lot, and I can’t find my Valentine decorations as they’re packed in a box somewhere so I knew I’d be taking a trip to Dollar Tree.  I grabbed those cute heart picks, 2 garlands and some poster board.  I originally was going to see if I could grab some fairy wings and glue some white feathers on them, but they didn’t have the wings OR any feather boas, so this was my next option…. make my own wings with poster board and tissue paper.
Dollar Store Angel Wings DIY (3)
I took the poster board and folded it in half so I’d have a perfect pair of wings. Then I drew what I thought was a good wing shape-you can see where I redrew them about 3 times before deciding which style I liked.Dollar Store Angel Wings DIY (4)This was the final result.  I meant to cut a little more shape into the bottom, but I totally forgot-thankfully they still turned out cute enough for me.Dollar Store Angel Wings DIY (5)Next I grabbed some tissue paper.  It probably took about half a package.  I am not sure, as my tissue paper was left over from baby gifts!  I still had a TON that I had saved in a box.  I am well stocked on baby boy gift bags :) I folded the tissue paper into squares and used 2 sizes.  The larger squares were for the tops of the wings and the smaller ones for the rest of the wings.  Towards the end when I was working on the shoulders I used even smaller squares at the top so it’d have a layered affect. Dollar Store Angel Wings DIY (6)Then I just started to glue them to the poster board kind of the way you would shingle a roof, working bottom to top.  Big squares on the outside, little squares on the inside. I used hot glue because it’s quick and easy and wanted to use them right away, but you could also use regular Elmers glue.  I drew lines where I wanted to glue the feathers, that way they’d roughly be the same length.   What I found to work best for me is to sort of roll the tissue paper into a cone shape and then glue the end to the poster board.  That created a point at the bottom of the tissue paper that I think looks “feathery.”  I glued tissue paper to both sides of the poster board.  One side is more full than the other but it’s not noticeable.Dollar Store Angel Wings DIY (7)The last couple steps were to trim the tissue paper that was too long and then add some straps.  I wish  that I had elastic, but I didn’t…. so I used some Valentine ribbon I have had for a really long time.  To get the ribbon to stay securely on the poster board I moved some tissue paper around so that I could glue a square of left over poster board to the center of the wings.  Then I measure how big the straps needed to be and glued them on.  I was worried that since they need to be tight against his body he wouldn’t be able to get them on easily.  If you look close, you’ll notice one of the straps has a piece of Velcro.  That way I could slip one arm on and then Velcro the other so they would be snug against him. DIY Dollar Store Angel Wings 1
I am pretty sure he is going to hate me later on for these pictures but I couldn’t help myself!



Poster Board $.50
Scissors $1
Tissue Paper $1
Glue $1

If you had to buy everything brand new at Dollar Tree $3.50

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  1. absolutely adorable. yup, he will hate you but just think, you will have something to hold over his head when he is a teenager and mis-behaves (they all do at some point), and, his future wife will love them.

  2. Janet McClelland says:

    I think your little boy would make a good child model.

  3. He is so adorable in the first picture,in the second,he looks like he just wants you to go away and leave him alone.I would have to hang this on my wall if I were you.

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