Cute Way to Hang Christmas Cards with Twine

I saw a TON of cute ideas on Pinterest as to how to hang Christmas cards. I wanted to do the picture frame with the twine in the center, but it wasn’t big enough for the cards I had. I thought about the ribbons on the cupboard, too. I thought about covering the fridge. I thought about a lot of options. What I came up with was this.

It was easy. I had everything on hand, and I like how it turned out  By the end of the season I had 2 rows of cards on the big window, 2 rows in the kitchen and a row in the door way.  This year I am going to hang some ornaments in between the cards for an added sparkle.


50 Clothespins at Wal Mart in the Laundry Section $1
(Be careful, they’re $2.50 if you buy them by the twine!)
Twine $2??
I had it from a Cub Scout project a while back!


How do you hang your cards??  Feel free to post pictures on the Facebook page!

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  1. we did basically the same thing but we spray painted the pins with red and green paint. we used leftover ribbon off our tree. matched the tree perfectly.

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