Cheap and Easy Teacher Gifts – Part 2

I am doing a short series of cheap and easy teacher gifts!  With the end of the school year fast approaching, it’s time to jump on this fast!  Yesterday I posted how to make that cute pencil vase.  That was super fast and incredibly cheap.  Today we are doing the monogrammed crayon letter.  I chose the letter “T” because if my son doesn’t destroy it, I will be sending it to his Grandma who is a school teacher.  First, you will need a frame, some glue, a sharp knife, and of course, crayons.  I bought the box of 48 from the Dollar Tree, but when I opened them I did NOT like the paper wrapped on the crayons.  I would purchase a pack of Crayola crayons from Wal Mart.  I had bought some when they were $.24 at the beginning of the year.  *phew* Disaster avoided!  Crayons are one of the items that you shouldn’t buy from the Dollar Tree-but that’s a future post.  I did however, buy that cute frame.  I could have gone with a big one, but I thought that white mat would come in cute.  I also forgot to throw in a brown paper bag/butcher paper.  I used that for a background.To cut the crayons, place the knife where you want them to break, press hard and just roll.  I was surprised at how cleanly they cut and how easy it was. Make sure to get rid of any paper/wax bits that are sticking out, it looks better when they’re as flat as possible.I opened the frame from the Dollar Tree and took out the glass.  Then I put in an 8×10 piece of brown butcher paper and put it all back together, minus the glass.  I used butcher paper that has been a little wrinkly, but you could use a grocery store brown paper bag and it will be much more crisp-no wrinkles.   Now, I tested out a few ways to make my “T” and figured out fairly quickly I would have to make it very basic.  I have seen some people print out their letters on card stock.  I didn’t do that because my “T” was going to be so small that I could do without.  I cut the crayons, lined them all up how I wanted them to look, applied a generous amount of glue and then very slowly, stuck the crayons on.And that was it.  Done.  IF you wanted to embellish this more, I would have your child write, “To Mrs T” at the top, “With Love” at the bottom and add their signature.  Or, you could have all the kids in the class sign the matt.  Or your kid could decorate the outer part of the matt.  Or leave it white.  The options are endless and that’s what I liked about this! Now, I took this picture and then realized that the paper was coming away from the matt.  I took the matt out, put some glue on the back of it and made sure you couldn’t see any shadows around the edges.  I like it much better.

….Then about 20 minutes after I fixed it, the baby ripped half the crayons off and ate the violet red.  *Sigh*

Final Cost?  $1.24 + tax

I bought the frame from Dollar Tree for $1, the crayons came from Wal Mart and were $.24 (I couldn’t pass that price up when I have 13 nieces and nephews..), the glue and butcher paper were on hand.  If you had to buy everything, I think glue is around $.50 and you can get brown paper bags for free at the grocery store for free.  It might cost you $2.

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  1. Those are super cute. I love the idea of the frame as something fun for my kids to do as well (with their initials).


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