Target Dollar Spot!

Target Dollar November 8 (20) (Medium)
Don’t forget to check your Target dollar spot! There have been some really good items from Christmas’ past. Reader Edward just found the following at his:

ALL STOCKING TOYS $1.00,$1.50,$2.00,$3.50

The LED lamps and flashlights are a huge item. Most stores carry them from about $3-$5 so if you see them in your dollar section you might want to gab a couple!

Target Dollar June

target dollar june12 (19) (Large)
Summer is in full swing at Target dollar, they are full of cute picnic items!  I am still irritated they went from $1, to $2.50, and now they’re at $3. I don’t think the quality has improved enough to be $3 though!  Anyway, in the dollar section they had red checker paper hot dog holders, BBQ sticks for roasting over the fire, plastic cups and lots more.
target dollar june12 (17) (Large)They also had a section just for July 4th items-patriotic napkins, hats, headbands, bowls and a few other  items.  I hope they add to it! target dollar june12 (13) (Large)These are pet water bottles-they have a fold out little bowl so you can transport water for your pet.  I have one from PetsMart but bought one of these guys to see how they held up.  Totally worth a $1.   target dollar june12 (11) (Large)Some fun summer toys for the kids… a few things you could take to the pool or beach and not get mad when they lose them!  target dollar june12 (9) (Large)They also had these little pails that would be adorable for just about anything.  Seriously.   target dollar june12 (7) (Large) target dollar june12 (5) (Large)These last couple items seem to be a staple-random storage containers, stickers, stationary.  Little things they hope you buy 1 or 2 of for your kids every time you go in :)  target dollar june12 (3) (Large)I did notice this time that they had a GREAT selection of Crayola products.  Stickers, coloring books and more.  I like seeing the name brand stuff!  target dollar june12 (15)These were my favorites.  They’re little ceramic bowls that are made for a summer party dinner!  They have labels like “Relish” “Limes” “Mustard” and other condiments inside.  I wanted to get one of each. target dollar june12 (20)To complete your picnic they have those glass things you put drinks in.  I worked in restaurants for years and am spacing what they’re called! It must be too early or time for a nap?? ;)  The yellow things are plastic bowls for your corn!  How cute are those?

Did you catch anything similar in your Target Dollar?

Target Dollar Section: St Patty’s Day

IMG_4358 (Medium)
I ran into Target last night with the intention of only buying some needed hangers. We won’t talk about the stuff I left with. BUt, I will say that Target is NOT pulling a fast one on me. Before Christmas their prices were $1 and $2.50. Now, I didn’t always buy the $2.50 items, but sometimes I thought they were worth it. When CHristmas rolled around they had $1, $2.50 and $3 items. Now they seem to have skipped the $2.50 and gone straight to $3! There were SO many cute items that I was in love with-but then I would see they were $3 and I was slightly irritated. Anyway, you can find a lot of GOOD Easter stuff in the Target dollar section!
IMG_4359 (Medium)
Lots of little toys, mostly summer themed.. butterfly nets, buckets, etc.
IMG_4360 (Medium)
Fake money. This is always fun for kids who like to play kitchen and store.
IMG_4361 (Medium)

Cuuuute ribbon  Always handy to have some of this on hand.  YOu can do so much with it. IMG_4362 (Medium) IMG_4363 (Medium)

I can’t tell a lie-I might be buying these darling, darling little salt and pepper shakers. How cute are they?  $3 though? Ugh.  IMG_4364 (Medium)Egg holders, baskets, Easter cards, note pads…  IMG_4365 (Medium)Absolutely the most adorable wire baskets ever.  This just might have to be my sons Easter basket this year. IMG_4366 (Medium)These are eggs decorated with paper flowers.  They’re very pretty, but seriously Target?  $3? IMG_4367 (Medium)This is hard to tell what they are-but they’re little nests. Very cute ones I might add. IMG_4368 (Medium)The St Patty’s day stuff is slowly disappearing, if you need something, go grab it now.   Easter is taking over.  They have towels, leprechaun hats, cups, and some other random decor.

IMG_4369 (Medium)Cute bunny ears and flower head bands… they had some Easter themed ties and socks. IMG_4370 (Medium)Ok-I might splurge for these sequin bunny rabbits.  I know last year I bought some good stuff for 90% off at Hobby Lobby but I don’t actually recall WHAT I bought. I have to find the box before I spend anything on these guys though. Its seems like I bought a rabbit similar to this though. IMG_4371 (Medium)And of course, more junk stuff to put in an Easter basket.  My parents didn’t really do Easter baskets for us growing up.  We just went on an egg hunt and had some candy.

What do y’all do for Easter? 

What is in Target’s $1 Section for Valentines Day?

Valentine Target (3) (Small)Of course every time you go into Target you get sucked into the dollar section.  It’s not possible not too.  In the dollar section they have buckets, bath sponges, little toys, and bath balls.Valentine Target (2) (Small)They also have the CUTEST little ramekins!  Soooo cute for just $1. Valentine Target (1) (Small)I don’t know if you can see, but those are  toaster stamps.  Um… does that mean you can use them to stamp that design on toast?  That is pretty dang awesome.  There are also ice cube trays in heart shapes.Valentine Target (12) (Small)This was actually $3.50, but you could make mini heart cakes with this silicon mold!  Valentine Target (11) (Small)Do you see that their dollar section has a sneak in of $3!?  I was irritated with the $2.50 items, and over Christmas they threw in the $3 thinking we wouldn’t notice, but I did.  And I am not a fan.   Valentine Target (10) (Small)

Candy Land and Operation bandages!  Valentine Target (9) (Small) Valentine Target (8) (Small) Valentine Target (7) (Small) Valentine Target (6) (Small) Valentine Target (5) (Small) Valentine Target (4) (Small)As you can tell, lotsa goodies for the holiday in the dollar section at Target!

Reach Floss FREE at Kroger

There is a $1.00 off any two (2) REACH Floss Products coupon you can print, and Kroger will have a catalina deal, making this a money maker. Now, I don’t have a Kroger here in Lubbock so I am going to miss out on this, but you can get this deal if you have one!


Buy 4 Reach Floss $.95 each
Use 2 $1.00 off any two (2) REACH Floss Products
Get $3.00 catalina coupon
Final Price: Free + a $1.20 Money Maker!

A big thanks to MyLitter for this photo and this deal!

Make Up Clearance at Walgreens

I went in to Walgreens the other night to get some allergy stuff for the baby, and to look for a little something for myself. I have heard a rumor that for just $1 you can get some stuff that makes your eyelashes thicker and stronger. I will have a little more on that later after I try it and see if it works! Anyway, I was in the make up section and found some great deals for 50%… no coupon required to get these hot prices.
This is the time of year you can get some KILLER deals on make up at the drug stores. I have so much make up that I skipped out on the eye shadows, but I did pick up a couple new lip colors and I LOVE THEM. They’re SO pretty! I didn’t even have coupons, but the price was right :)

Wet and Wild Lip Color on Sale $1.49

Wet and Wild Eye Color on Sale $.99

Target LED Flashlights for $1

Reader Julie was shopping at her Target the other day and noticed LED Flashlights in the dollar section!  She bought 6 of them and said that the quality was great-similar ones are about $5 everywhere else.  My Mom and Dad used to get us nice flashlights as stocking stuffers all the time, and kids LOVE flashlights!  My son and his Grandma played with a flashlight the other morning for almost an hour.

Cream of Chicken or Mushroom $.50

Dollar Tree just got a BIG old shipment of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup.  They’re $1.
But Wal Mart just lowered their prices on Campbell’s “Cream of” soups, so you will probably want to take your coupon there!

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom/Chicken Soup $.75
$0.35/4 Campbell’s Condensed “Great For Cooking” Soup, exp. 12/31/12 (SS 11/04/12)
$0.40/3 Campbell’s Condensed Soups, exp. 11/30/12 (SS 10/07/12 R)
$1/4 Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking Soup printable
Final Price $.50 each WYB 4

Top Deals Under a Dollar at Wal Mart 11/14

Alrighty! Here are the deals under a dollar, brought to you by Paul from I Heart The Mart! The best Wal Mart blog site ever :) He has a BIG list that is updated weekly of EVERY deal, you can check it out here! If you wanna see the crazy deals they will have for Black Friday, you can check that out over HERE too!!!

1. Hormel Sandwich Makers: $1.66
Hormel $1/1 Sandwich Makers (1/7) Total: $.66

2. Purina Beneful Dog Food Trial: $1.00
$1.50/1 Purina Beneful Dog Food, SS 11/11/12
Total: FREE + $.50 Money Maker!!

3. Del Monte Green Beans: $0.98
$0.50/4 Del Monte canned Green Beans
Total: $0.86

4. Milky Way Bars: $.74
B2G1 MILKY WAY Brand Bars
Total: $0.49 ea

5. Scotch Brite Wipes: $1.97
BOGO Scotch-Brite™ Botanical Disinfecting Wipes
Total: $.99 each

6. Duck Brand Packaging Tape: $1.00
Duck brand Save $1.00 Packaging Tape (1/31 2013)
Total: FREE

Target Dollar Section- Stocking Stuffer Time!

Target’s Dollar section has a ton of stuff right now for Christmas! They are REALLY focusing on the stocking stuffers, and their prices are $1-$3 instead of $1 and $2.50 like normal. I’ve tried to list just about everything I saw, but your store might vary in their products!  Oh!  And if your store has anything left in the Halloween department, it’s 90% off now!  My store still had quite a few pet costumes and decorative pillows.

What is in the Target Dollar Section November 2012???

Turkey Hats 50% Off
All Fall Stuff 50% off
Scotch Tape $1
Super Glue $1
Hot Hands $1
Christmas Ornaments $1 (actually found in the Seasonal section, but there is an entire stand for $1 ornaments)
Reindeer and Tree Headbands $1
Christmas Stationary $1
Christmas Pencils 8 pack $1
Snowman/Christmas Window Clings $1
Stemless Wine Glass, candle hodlers, other glassware $1
Beatrice POtter Books $1
Tons of Snack Items $1
Russell Stover chocolates $1
Santa Mug and “Santa’s Cookies” Plate $1
Board Game Band Aids $1
Phone charger holders $3
Calendars $3
Wood Xylophone $3
“A Christmas Story” Cookie Cutters $1
Pet Toys, outfits and Blankets $2.50-$3
Slinky $3
Wooden Race Cars $3
Plastic Airplanes You Screw Together $3
Tip Jar, Bacon Beer Fund Jar $3
Wine Glass Mustache Markers $3
“Create Your Own Storybooks” $3

Personally, I bought a turkey hat (totally worth $1.25!!!), some Thanksgiving placemats, some Thanksgiving cupcake liners and I was thinking of some Halloween throw pillows.  I did buy the snowman window clings… I am excited to see if he can reach the window from his carseat.  If not, I have another idea of what to do with those.   I did love the wine glass mustaches to mark your drinks, and I think I want to get that airplane toy.  It’s so easy to get carried away in the dollar section, isn’t it!