Campus Book Rentals – Um. Awesome.

As I’ve mentioned before my husband has gone back to school. His first BS degree is in Biology. Then we had our own business a couple years. Then we decided to go back to school. Somewhere in there we had a child, a dog, and kept our 4 pet squirrels.  Student life doesn’t come with a huge budget, and that’s why I coupon!  One of the ways that we discovered we could save a HUGE chunk of money last year was to rent text books instead of buying them. I konw. Sounds weird, right? But when we were both first in school we always, always bought our books used, and then always, always sold them back. So this is roughly the same thing, only a complete FRACTION of the cost! Some of my sweethearts books are upwards of $200. It physically hurts me to see that number. Do you know how many items you could get at the Dollar Tree with coupons for that price???? So renting textbooks is seriously the way to go. Parents, students, pay attention!

Some of the benefits from renting:

  •  Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Can highlight in the textbooks
  • Flexible renting periods
  • Returns allowed within 30 days (in case you drop that class)
  • Insurance available in case you have a little monster that spills no spill sippy cups living in your house
  • No standing in that huge, awful long buy-back line only to have them tell you, “Oh, sorry! We’re not buying that edition back!” (shakes fist in air!)
  • Every time you rent a book textbook, they dontate to Operation Smile (Which, if you haven’t heard of, is a life saving organization that gives free surgeries to people with cleft palates. It’s a great organization)

So if you are new to school or in your last semester, keep CampusBookRentals in mind and give them a try! FAQ’s:

This is a sponsored post! But opinions and such are my own, I honestly think this is a great way for students to save money and we have rented textbooks TONS before and hope this helps someone out!

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