Blue Bell Cookiewich

Last night I was in Family Dollar to see what was new.  They had a clearance section with Libby’s pumpkin and Betty Crocker cookie mix.  They weren’t crazy discounted like I was hoping for, but I found some Snickerdoodle mix for $1.60 so I grabbed one.   Today we had a lazy Sunday and decided to make some quick cookiewiches.
The trick to a good cookie for a cookiewich is that it’s a large, soft cookie.  You could use the smaller cookies, but that’s not as fun.   To get the larger cookie I used 3 scoops instead of 1, and took them about a few minutes earlier than usual.Then you take the giant cookies… add a couple scoops of ice cream (we’re trying to be reasonable, so we just did 1 scoop)…. and

Total success.

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  1. Janet McClelland says:

    Anna – I assume that is your son. He is so cute!!

  2. Your little guy ? is the cutest little guy I’ve seen in awhile!!!!

  3. The cookies don’t look bad either LOL….maybe all your comments will be on your cute munchkin!!

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