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I didn’t mention it before, but I spent last week in New York City at the Blogher conference with 4,000 of my closest friends.  The goal was to meet some great brands, make new friends and enjoy some fabulous food in Little Italy with a couple other bloggers I dearly love.  Mission accomplished!   Here are a few of the highlights of my trip:Amanda Bottoms (free fonts, anyone?), Erin Cobbs, Amanda Padgett and  Rachel Devine all spoke at the Adorama event, Blographer.  I loved hearing them tell personal stories and give pointers.  I am not a photographer, but I love taking pictures.  I think they helped inspire me to want to go a step further in photography.  Not fun part of the day-getting taken for a ride by the cab driver.   Ugh.  It was a straight shot to get to the conference and he was making a couple turns.  I called him out on it but he insisted he was just avoiding traffic.  My fare was double what everyone else paid.  I am sure he saw my hair and took advantage of that :)
My roommates and I went to the premiere of “Won’t Back Down.”  We had a fun cocktail hour (where I enjoyed some Coke), and then watched the movie.  Afterwards Viola Davis, Maggie Has-a-hard-last-name-to-spell and Rosie Perez did a question answer with the attendees.  They were very sweet and very dedicated to what they are hoping to promote with this movie, that no matter the cause, if you just get up and do something you can make a difference.  I loved the movie!  I hope you go see it, it’s a great “feel good” movie.  Spoiler Alert:  No one dies at the end.  Side note: We decided to go to the premiere at 5:45pm.  It started at 6pm. I didn’t get a chance to fix my hair.  Sad day.The conference included expo halls where there were quite a few brands showing their wares.  One of my favorites?  The Jimmy Dean booth. They handed out delicious food and even roped the sun for us.  Aw. Love that guy.  I don’t know if any of y’all read my personal blog, but a few years ago when PW released her first cook book, my sister ordered 3 copies so my sister in law, my sister and I could meet her when she came to a book signing in Houston.  We had been following her for a while and were so excited to meet her.  I still haven’t washed my hand since she shook it that day.

Just kidding.  That’s gross.

But when we found out she was going to be at the Land O Lakes booth at this conference, my sister and I (she was there) were super stoked. We hung around the booth about 45 minutes early to make sure we got a spot RIGHT. UP. FRONT.  And we did. And we got to listen to her describe in great detail all about the new olive oil with sea salt butter.  It was pretty awesome.  Love her.  Wait, does anyone not know who she is??? If you don’t, leave me a comment..
I also ran into Kate Gosselin at the conference. She was there with her sponsor booth. Now, I am sure we have all read the tabloids and seen the show, and I know a few people who don’t like her. But, I have always liked her. I think she is spunky and says what she thinks and TV edits that how they want. Anyway, I was the first person there when she walked up. A woman saw her and came running over and demanded a photo. The booth that was hosting Kate said, “OK, but we aren’t taking them yet. When we do, we will take it with OUR camera and you can download it from our site later.” The woman was so irritated and you could tell she was about to throw a fit. “I will tweet it right now! Why can’t I have a photo! Whine whine whine!” Kate was very confused as the woman was whining, the booth people were being obnoxious, and Kate was just confused, “Wait, why can’t she have a photo??” So they explained to her they wanted people to download them from their site. She quickly said to the irate woman, “Do you mind holding on one second?” Then asked to speak with her hosts privately. They had a quick discussion while the woman kept saying things like, “OMG why can’t I have a picture!” I finally couldn’t take it. I nicely explained the situation and added, “If you don’t mind waiting a minute, she is trying to fix the situation and then she’ll take a picture with you.” Sure enough Kate had the whole situation resolved in about 1 minute, was so sweet to everyone and was a LOT of fun to talk to! Since no one was in line yet, I just chatted with her. She was so down to earth and acted like we had been friends for a while. Her boyfriend/body guard was there too, and he was super nice. I could tell he was very protective of her.  Bottom line… she is tall and wearing heels, and very sweet.  I am short and wearing flats.
I have so many pictures I had to narrow them down to just a few, but I will post more on my facebook if you are interested.  The conference was a lot of fun, overall. I think as with any large event there will always be a few hiccups and haters are just going to hate, but things are what you make of them.  Life is about learning to roll with the punches, and making the best of things.  I decided I was going to have fun and make the most of the conference, and I did.  That’s not to say everything went perfect, I didn’t get into the classes I wanted to take, I almost got charged $33 for scrambled eggs, they served sliders at EVERY party *sarcastic gasp* and the elevators ran slow when events would end and 4,000 conference attendees wanted to all go to bed at the same time.  I know.  Crazy, right?  Who would think the elevators would be slow when they are stopping at every floor…..

But the point is, I had a blast.  I had a lot of very fun experiences and  I am going to share a few more posts later on.   And I have a few random (very random) little (very little) things I want to give away, so keep your eyes open for that.  Thanks for being sweet while I was gone, I am back now and ready to match up everything in full force!  Woohoo!

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