The Black Widow In My Window

The other day I noticed a big black spider in my window. It’s creepy long legs made me shudder, and I had a feeling I knew what kind of spider it was. Last night I came home from a bike ride, and the light in the living room illuminated the nasty thing so I could really see it’s silhouette. I grabbed a flash light and lit up the sucker. Sure enough, the tell-tell red hour glass on it’s abdomen gave it away. It was a black widow. I am normally pretty cool with bugs, but not when they’re insanely poisonous and living in my living room window. Sick freak! My husband and I scoured our cupboards to see what we could find to kill it, and all we came up with was hair spray and Windex.  Hrm.

Thankfully Dollar General is only a quarter mile away. So we used this coupon here…. the Dollar General store coupon for $1 off Hot Shot….
$1.00 off Any ONE Hot Shot Insecticide product
And this manufacturer coupon to get a nice bottle of bug spray for $1.  I suggest buying it BEFORE you need it.  Otherwise you will have to do what I did and keep the light on the spider (in case he gets away) and watch him catch and eat a bug. Then you will kinda feel bad for it when he has to die.  Poor thing.  Just wanted to eat bugs.  Anyway, I think we sprayed the entire bottle on him and he quit moving so all is well.  For us, not him.

Hot Shot on sale for $3
Hot Shot $1 off Store Coupon
$1.00 off Any ONE Hot Shot Insecticide product
Final Price $1.08 with tax

(The cashier at first told my husband he couldn’t take 2 coupons for 1 product … but they had the manager come over and fix it so we got the right price)

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  1. Where did you find your Dollar General coupons that you showed in your email?

    • The coupon from Dollar General came on that sheeet that is in the photo. I found it on the magazine rack in the front of Dollar General where they keep their ads. There were some GREAT coupons on it, just picked it up the other day.. they all expire August 31 so you should be able to find them.

  2. Thank you, I will go check at my local Dollar General today for it.

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