Black Friday Shopping Tips: Sears Style

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style for sears #shopThis Christmas I started my shopping early, so I don’t have much on my list. But since my birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, I plan on taking myself a little birthday Black Friday clothing shopping so I can get the look of the Fall 2013 fashion trends.  Oh yes. This pregnant chick is going shopping.

This year I already did a lot of my shopping online (did you know Sears already put over 1,000 items on sale online this last Friday!? It was a pre-Black Friday event!).  BUT there are a few things a girl just doesn’t wanna get online, and that’s clothing.  I am in need of a few wardrobe updates.

The first store I am heading to will be Sears.  I checked out their Style Guide  online (or you can find them on Facebook )( search #ThisisStyle  #cbias) which had quite a few 2013 fashion trends and picked a few pieces that I love.  I am 8 months pregnant, so I don’t want to invest in maternity clothes anymore, but I still want to get a few things that I can wear right now and after I have the baby.  Here are some pieces from the style guide:  sears style #shop jewelry
Jewelry is one of the best things you do can do for your wardrobe. Dress up just about any outfit when you pair it with a cute necklace.  Right now I have been more into earrings than anything else. I am going to be looking for some earrings that are every day appropriate but make it look like I tried :) That’s important when you’re chubby and pregnant.
sears style #shop bootI have a real love for boots. I love them. If you throw on some leggings (also looking for crazy print leggings), put boots over them, it will make even a t-shirt or sweatshirt look cute.  Seriously. It’s also the style of about 10,000 college girls here in Lubbock :) I already have 4 pairs of brown boots, but to be honest, I almost never wear the 2 pairs of black ones I have.  I am going to look for these boots (on sale for $50, + 500 Shop Your Way points!! The points really add up, I suggest getting an account).  Shopping on Friday is going to be awesome… tons of items will be on sale and I will be able to score the look for less!  sears style #shopJackets are a little hard to wear when you’re pregnant since they don’t quite zip, BUT this is also an item I can wear before and after.  I haven’t bought a new jacket in about 5 years. I invested in a nice one, but it’s looking a little bit worn and a little bit dated.  This bomber jacket is going to make just about anything look good.   So, my goals are a new pair of earrings, a new jacket, and a pair of boots.

My strategy for shopping at Sears on Black Friday?  Here it is:

Store opens at 8pm Thanksgiving Night and will remain open until Friday at 10pm, I will probably go about midnight or just before, since they often have a lot of doorbuster deals that might be gone if you wait too long

  • Know what I want before I go (see my list above)
  • Have a budget and do NOT overspend (OK, a couple dollars is alright)
  • Take a friend-2 pairs of eyes are better than 1!
  • Be nice to those around you-sometimes random people have helped me find what I was looking for held my place in line

That’s my big plans, anyway :) Oh, and not to forget my wallet.

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  1. So, how did you do?! Love that you’re using the great deals to get a little something for yourself! I love clothes shopping for my birthday too-but since it’s in July I don’t get to score the Black Friday deals for it! :D Can’t wait to see what you got! #client

  2. Love your tips! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still rock the current trends and look and feel fabulous (if anything that’s one of the times it’s really important too!) Can’t wait to see what you came up with today! #client

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