Back to School at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has an ENTIRE section of Back to School goodies!  Now before I tell you how great their prices are, remember it’s easy to get carried away when you are thinking that everything is only $1!   Pay attention to quantity and sales other stores are having because you might be able to get it cheaper elsewhere.  If you are a procrastinator and end up missing sales or do not want to spend the time looking up deals, then this might be your  place to shop! Everything in the store is a dollar, with a few items being 2 for $1, so you know that even with tax you won’t be paying that much for anything. :)  Dollar Tree has Bic brand pens, the kind I love to buy because they always write nice and I don’t get sad when I lose one.  Besides Bic they had a HUGE selection of other pens and pencils, varying in how many came in a package to colors and other things.  They also carry single packaged Sharpie markers, pencil cases, storage bins, student planners, notebooks, paper, crayons, markers, scissors, stickers, just about everything you need to send your kids back to school prepared.
I thought these were so fun-and I promise any kid will too!  They’re jumbo erasers that have funny little sayings like “My Bad” and “Oops!” on them.  I put a package of pencil top erasers next to them so you can see they really are jumbo.  They come in a variety of colors.
Here you can see they have some cute bags, crayons, more pens, little back to school trinkets, glue sticks and regular glue.
They have Bic brand white out, and Post-It sticky notes.  The sticky notes have two pads per package.
What I like in Dollar Tree is their Teacher’s Corner.  They have TONS of posters, hand outs, signs, clock posters, planners and all sorts of things you would find hanging in a classroom.
There were so many options, and I am sure they vary by store but you might want to check it out if you homeschool or are a teacher.  They had those big packs of stickers, and signs,and more stickers and signs…
They had giant coins which are GREAT for teaching kids how to count money.  I should tell my sister to grab some of these, I used to trade my nieces and nephew all their quarters for pennies… they liked the shiny gold copper better than the boring silver.  I know, who does that to a kid?  A teenager who wanted a Slurpee, that’s who!
I thought these were neat, they’re cute little hall passes.  I’d love to see a high school student carrying one of these around.  Ha ha.  I substitute taught for 2 years, and one thing I learned is that high schoolers are just larger kids that can drive.  I don’t think they have much more common sense, and the same methods of discipline that worked in the 4th grade class worked in the 10th grade.  It used to make me laugh, but I loved that job.  Kids are fun.
And this is stuff kids just love!!! There is a package of badges that say, “Star Student.”  Those are great for rewarding kids with something besides candy, they get to wear it in front of their friends and even take it home.   There are also die cut shapes of the planets, stars, animals…
They even had LARGE motivational posters that have 2 in the package!  I will say the prices on this poster are WAY off and don’t shop wherever they got these prices from!!!

Dozen Pencils $1.29
Recycled Notebook $2.99
Good night of sleep FREE

Still, it’s a cute poster.  I didn’t look to see what the other one said, but I bet it is something similar.

This last picture is of a large North American map and some weekly planners.  They did have a few more items, but I just wanted to highlight a few to give you an idea of what they have.  Now you know if you see anything like this for more, you are definitely overpaying and should head over to the Dollar Tree right away :)  What other things have you found at Dollar Tree??

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  1. So I went to DG today for the first time to attempt to score a sweet deal on the post-it notes. They are 2/$1, and there was a coupon in the paper that said $2 off any 4 of certain items, and post-it notes was on the list. The cashier would not even attempt to scan it, because it would make my total $0! She went on to say that they could not accept coupons on sale items! I told her that the reason that I coupon is to use my coupons on items that are on sale, so that I can get the most for my money. Anyway, I am going back tomorrow to speak to a manager. Any one else had issues with this? Again, this was my first shopping experience there. Thanks!

    • Dollar General, right? Dollar Tree doesn’t take coupons, just in case… but that is so ridiculous. They of COURSE accept coupons on sale items. I have found though that cashiers freak out when the total is $0, so sometimes if I am in the mood for gum or something ANYWAY, I’ll buy it then, just so they don’t freak. I hope you have luck speaking with the manager. Print the coupon policy! And ask them to call corporate while you are there.

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