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baby 2
I am sure most of you have noticed my blog has not been updated since December 28. For a deal blog, that’s pretty ridiculous.  Very ridiculous. I did not mean to be gone for so long, but life happened and I had to figure out where I was going to put my time. I have thought about this blog every day and worried that I haven’t been posting, and I want to apologize. I love to blog, I love to share deals, I love to help people save money, and I love to keep up with deals myself. I didn’t mean to stop posting deals, but it just kind of happened. Running a blog isn’t very easy and right now it’s just me and my blog, with my sister occasionally helping out.  I never meant to abandon y’all.

I knew I would need some help keeping this blog up after I had the baby. I interviewed a few people but I ran into some technical difficulties that didn’t allow them to have log ins before I went to the hospital to have a baby.  My baby came a day before her due date, and since my son was 2 weeks late I figured she’d at least be a day or two late, not show up early. I didn’t have a single thing ready, and in between contractions was trying to finalize emails for a company I was working for, pack my bag, and find a friend who would watch my 2 year old overnight. It was too late to find someone to help me on this blog. I was allowed to leave the hospital after one night, and had barely been home 2 hours when Tristan got incredibly sick again.  It seemed like he was just getting better when Christmas and tons of visitors came along.  We had a beautiful Christmas and were looking forward to the New Year when my husband got really sick.  So, the new year came and went.  I had a baby who wasn’t even 2 weeks old, a sick husband and a rowdy toddler. I was pretty exhausted with the baby and trying to recover from the delivery myself. Thankfully, my Mom thought she’d come visit for a few days and became a life saver.
baby 1

I think many of you know that the flu has been going around this year and it’s really, really bad.  I wish we had missed out on catching it, but we weren’t so lucky.  My husband was crazy sick, and my Mom was kind enough to sleep on our sofa and tend to him since she’d already had the flu right before Christmas. I slept on the floor in my son’s room with him and the baby hoping we wouldn’t catch it. Well, my poor little Tristan woke up sick and crying with a low temperature and I knew he had the flu, too. Children cope amazingly well under hard circumstances, and although I knew he had the flu, he didn’t seem as bad as my husband.   Since my husband was getting worse and not better after several days, we decided to head to the doctor.  I left the kids with my Mom and took him in.  We were almost home when she texted that Tristan had a high fever.

We walked in the door a few minutes later.   I quickly hugged my little boy, gave him some Tylenol for his high fever and sat him down at the table with some apple sauce. We sent Jeff to bed.  My Mom was holding little Summer. I was in the kitchen only a few feet away from Tristan, giving the baby a kiss when I heard a plate hit the floor. I looked over in time to see Tristan fall off the chair, hit the wall and then the floor. I thought it was him just being a 2 year old, but as I moved the chair to pick him up I realized something was very wrong. His eyes rolled back into his head and he wasn’t crying. I picked his stiff body up and suddenly, he started shaking. I yelled at my Mom that he was having a seizure, and then to my husband to call 911. Then I started to cry. I kept trying to say, “It’s OK Tristan, It’s OK…” But then his lips went blue and my Mom yelled, “He’s choking!”  That is a concern when people have a seizure-not that they can choke on their tongue, but since he had been at the table eating, he might have had food in his mouth.

And that’s when I lost it. All I could think of was a little boy who started choking on some bread at church-the family tried to do the heimlech and when that didn’t work, rushed him to the hospital. He died on the way there.  I couldn’t let that happen to my little boy.

My Mom grabbed Tristan and started pounding his back, my husband and I were both trying to call 911… and that’s when I couldn’t stand seeing my son blue, not breathing and the phone seemed to take HOURS to connect. Since both hospitals in Lubbock are on one side of town, they have ambulances garaged across town, and one is really close to us. I threw my shoes off and while still on the phone with 911, ran to the ambulance garage what I now know is almost a quarter mile away. Somehow I got there in about a minute and a half, which was faster than calling them. They hurried to the house with me, and my little boy was unconscious but breathing. We went to the hospital anyway.
Tristan had what is called a febrile seizure. You can read more about them HERE, but basically when a child has a sudden spike in temperature their body shuts down and they have a seizure. They’re fairly “normal” for little kids to have, they do not cause any permanent damage, he will probably never have another one, and he probably won’t remember he had this one.  It’s common for people to stop breathing momentarily during a seizure.  Tristan quit breathing long enough his entire body turned blue.  It was horrible.  Completely horrible.   As long as the seizure doesn’t last more than 15 minutes, or he doesn’t have 2 within 24 hours, there is no need for additional testing.  The doctor at the hospital was very kind and reassuring. They kept us there til his fever went down and then we went home.  The doctor explained that while seizures are scary and terrifying for parents, they’re not that bad.

Since that night I haven’t wanted to be on the computer or my phone.  I just wanted to be with my little boy, my family, and to be honest, my bed.  I’m pretty tired.  When I thought for those moments that I might lose my son, I realized that nothing, NOTHING in this world mattered more than my family.   You honestly don’t know when your moments with them will be the last-I had no warning that he was going to have a seizure, and to suddenly see your child blue and not moving made me want to go back to all the mornings I set him in front of a TV to blog and just play cars and trucks with him.

So, I took a few weeks off, sent my broken (again) laptop to the shop and have just been enjoying my new baby (who is already growing up too fast), and trying to spend quality time with Tristan.  Life has gotten back to normal, my laptop got fixed,  Jeff is back in school, no one is sick anymore and I feel like if I manage my time wisely, I can get back to taking care of my little blog that I love so much.   I am so sorry to everyone who has been coming here to find deals, only to find a plain ol’ blog post. I should have at least taken the time to say something on Facebook or asked a friend to post here, but I will be honest, I was a little overwhelmed.  So many of you have left sweet comments about the birth of our sweet little girl, and I want to thank you for that. I read every comment and every encouraging word has lifted my spirits.  Thank you for being understanding.  I’m excited to start finding some great deals again and back to blogging!   Next time I will be more prepared-I have some friends who are going to help me out in the future so there isn’t a big empty space here when there should be some great deals!  I hope y’all enjoyed the holidays too, and yours were full of health and happiness.

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  1. You have definitely been a busy Mom – everything from the holiday season, giving birth to a healthy little girl, been Mothering your boy, nursing your hubby and then having the daylights scared right out of you with your little guys seziure. You’ve had your sister, Mom and others helping and it’s been a full house I’m sure. You can be all sorts of emotions you want – happy, at times scared and sad, tired, etc., but one thing you don’t have to be is sorry. I couldn’t even begin to imagine some of the things you’ve gone through over the holiday season. You’ve had your hands full and I definitely wouldn’t worry about the blog. I mean, I’m sure you take pride in it, but I know I’d wait for ya and here I am! I am just one of many people I’m sure who absolutely loves your blog and looks forward to the incoming emails of deal upates but I just as much like emails of your life updates and seeing cute pictures of you and your family! I hope that doesn’t sound creepy since I don’t know you, but I feel like I know you from your wonderful upates! You’re such a sweet and caring person, and while I feel like you were out there conquering the world of life with your family, we were all busy with ours too and have been patiently awaiting your arrival :) You are good at what you do, don’t beat your self up at all! Happy New Year to you & yours! And congratulations on the birth of your happy, healthy little girl!
    From a Canadian Texan!

  2. I ditto everything that Crystal said – you have absolutely nothing to be sorry about. I look forward to getting your emails and when I didn’t receive them I thought that you had had to stop doing them because of having your little girl. I hope that as this new year goes on that it will be a good one for you and your family!

  3. I for one just thought you needed time off to get over the birth and enjoy your new baby.I’m sorry that your hubby and son have been sick but am glad everyone is all right now.So glad to see you back and hope everyone will make it through the rest of the winter with no more illness.Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy.

  4. wow you have been busy this last month – I can only imagine how horrifying that was to see your baby boy turning blue I am so glad he is ok – as the person above said I just assumed you had taken some time off for having a new baby in itself is a full time job – we do appreciate all you do in posting deals for us – I hope the rest of 2014 goes much better for you

  5. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through lately . I’m glad everyone is ok and that your little boy is better . Congrats on the new baby . And I’m sure everyone understands that your family comes first as it should and that sometimes you need time for your family . I have 5 kids I know life can get hectic but as long as everyone’s healthy it’ll all be alright . And don’t forget to Take Care of yourself just as much as you take care of your family .

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