Almost Done! 39.5 Weeks!

38 weeks chalkboard
I posted a while back that we were expecting our second child, and she is almost here! I will actually be 40 weeks this coming Thursday and can’t believe we are almost done. I feel like I have been pregnant forever.  This pregnancy I decided to jump on the chalkboard thing and have been doing a weekly picture.  The one above is actually a photo of the back of my camera, taken with my cell phone.  It’s my 38 week picture and it says, “Ready for our little Present! Merry Christmas.”  I still haven’t taken my 39 week one yet, which I think I should probably do before she shows up :)

I spent the entire morning at the doctors office today, they were very busy so there as a LOT of waiting, and we did some monitoring and an ultrasound.  When I got home my husband and I washed the cars, vacuumed and cleaned the house up a little.  It’s crazy how quick the day goes by.  As for the baby, we are very blessed that she is totally perfect and everything is OK.  I think we can expect her any day, but honestly my son was 12 days over his due date and I can’t imagine a little girl going early.  She’ll be late just like her Mom is I am sure.

I will for sure let you know when we have her.  I am super excited to meet this little one!

Off to pack a hospital bag-what did you wish you had when you were there?



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  1. Really soft tissues… hospital tissues are awful and I cried a lot :)

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