99 Cent Store – Gerber, Gimme Clips and More

My friend was shopping at her 99Cent store in Spring, Texas and was beyond excited to discover that they were again carrying the Sunday paper for $1.99 (instead of the news stand price).  When I lived down there you could get the Sunday paper there on Saturdays, too.  When the paper raised the price they quit carrying it because they were the $.99Only store and they couldn’t sell them for the new price.  She has her papers delivered now but it’s good to know for when there are hot coupons!   She also found these AWESOME items, each only $.99!

These Gimme Clips are retailing at Wal Mart right now for $3.47 and up. She bought 4 for just about the price of 1 at Wal Mart!

She bought Sesame Street silverware and a Gerber water bottle attachment for only $.99 each! I know that those little metal forks at Wal Mart are more than $1-I can’t bring myself to by them just yet for that price! Why don’t we have a $.99Cent store out in West Texas!?

She also bought 2 of these Globe lights, she said they look identical to her expensive ones but will let me know later how they hold out.  Quite the good deals, I would say! Thanks for sending these in!!!

To find a $.99Cent store near you, go here!

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