$5 off $30 Saturday 6/29

Dollar_General_5_off_30This week Dollar General has a $5 off a $30 purchase.  There were some great deals in the ad you can combine with coupons and the $5 off coupon to score a LOT for a LITTLE.  CouponingforFreebies put together this scenario where you can score 11 items for just $.40!  If you haven’t shopped a Saturday $5 off, check out my How To Shop at Dollar General tutorial.  I run through the ins and outs of what you might experience and little tricks I’ve learned while shopping the sales.  It’s very helpful!   OK! You ready?

Buy These Items

2 Sunlight Dish Soap $1
2 Bayer Aspirin $2.25
2 Gillette Venus Razor $4.85
2 Splenda Packets  $2.35
1 Old Spice Bar Soap 2  ct $1.50
2 Wisk detergent 45.4 oz $4.00
Total $30.40

Then use these coupons:
1 $5 Off $30 Dollar General Coupon
$1/1 Sunlight Dish Detergent
2 $2/1  Bayer Aspirin Product, exp. 8/15/13 (RP 06/23/13)
2 $5/1 Venus Razor, exp.  7/31/13 (RP 06/16/13)
2 $2/1 Splenda Sweetener Product, exp. 6/30/13 (SS  03/24/13 R)
1 $1/1 Old Spice Bar  Soap, exp. 7/31/13 (SS 06/30/13)
2 $2/1 Wisk Detergent 45 oz or larger (Zip 30303 if  needed)
Final Price $.40 for ALL!! That’s $.04 each!

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  1. Great idea! Sad thing is every time I go to the 3 dollar generals by me they are always sold out of the Venus razors! the first week the manager had no idea what was on sale..lol Oy!

  2. Let me first say I adore my Dollar General, lots of good things to say. And I can’t go far driving & there’s one only 2 miles from us & we’re rural….fantastic. However this last Tuesday’s DG visit by me was so very disappointing-I wanted to cry & leave. They didnt’ have Sunlight detergent, at all. Oh, I clipped all these coupons online to make the stuff free or almost. The Wisk detergent? Had none. I asked & the lady said the shelves were cleaned off, they had a truck to empty when they could. I wish she had offered to go get me a few jugs, I had 2 $2.00 coupons meaning I could have gotten 2 jugs for $2.00 each. MOney is really tight for us. Got the Reach toothbrushes, but then saw on my coupon that would have made 4 free that it was good for all Reach toothbrushes except a certain one I forget the name of-looked at the toothbrushes I’d gotten & they were the excluded ones. Nothing, got nothing of all coupons & sales items I’d found out about…..instead wasted printer ink I didn’t get to use. I considered calling them today or later this week since only 2 miles away & see if Wisk was on the shelves, but I somehow lost one of my 2 coupons so took that to mean I should let it go. What a disappointment. Oh, & when I checked out with a few things I’d purchased, I told that cashier how I’d come for the Wisk…she said the truck was a day late & instead of 800items had 1100items so they were all rushed….when I was there all was quiet & I was the only customer. Sure was disappointed in the Dollar General people.

  3. I know you said that you can’t use any other Dollar General coupons with the $5 off store coupon… does that mean any of the printable DG coupons available on their website? Like the $1/2 kraft coupons or the $1/1 Quilted Northern coupons? thanks for your help! :)

    • You won’t be able to use any other store coupons. If the Kraft and Northern coupons say “Manufacturer coupon” on them you can use them.

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