4th of July decor From Dollar Tree – SO CUTE!

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4th of July decor From Dollar Tree – SO CUTE! 4th of July decor From Dollar Tree - SO CUTE!

Christmas in July-Get $100!

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Christmas in July-Get $100! Christmas in July-Get $100!

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Febreze Noseblind Test

febreze noseblind
This last week I was able to work with Febreze and learn a little more about being nose blind. Febreze sent me a great little package of some of their great products. My job was to invite over some friends (that’s my sweet neighbor above) to watch a show and participate in a survey. We took the survey’s first, made some popcorn, watched a show, and then took another survey. Basically, they wanted to know what my house smelt like. It was a little nerve wracking :) In the end, it made sense.

When I was a kid, my friend’s house had a very distinct smell. It wasn’t a bad smell, but their house had a smell for sure. One time I made a comment that something smelled like her house, and she asked me what I meant. I said, “This thing smells like your house!” She actually argued with me and said, “No it doesn’t! My house doesn’t smell like that.” She didn’t realize what her house smelled like. I just smiled and nodded but that item really did smell like her house.

Fast forward some years to my current residence. I try to always have a plug in going so I don’t forget to blow out a candle, and so if someone comes by unexpectedly they smell the plug in. I just want my house to smell good. I don’t want it to smell like “that house.” I didn’t understand the chemistry behind it, but Febreze enlightened me.

Basically, our noses are designed to help us figure out dangers. Fire, poisonous plants, things like that. At some point, your nose recognizes certain familiar smells and categorizes them as not dangerous. That way it can focus on less familiar smells that require action. Odors from various activities are released in your home where they can stay airborne or deposit on soft surfaces that act like odor-magnets. This is where your house get’s it’s “smell.”  … The same way my friend’s house had a certain smell to it when you walked in that I could recognize, and she couldn’t.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to nose blindness! Febreze actually contains a molecule known as Cyclodextrin that traps and eliminates bad odors. This patented technology is why Febreze is the best air freshener-it eliminates the odor instead of just masking it, which our smart noses can detect.  You know all the Febreze commercials where they have people in some dank places, but they have no idea because it smells good?  Those people don’t realize where they are because Febreze products eliminated the smell and didn’t mask it.  After we watched the show and ate the popcorn, I sprayed some Febreze…. and we agreed that it did work.


This post was sponsored by Febreze!  But, these are my opinions since all they actually asked me to was to use their product.


Family Dollar: Dial Bar Soap only $1.00 each

dial bar soap at family dollar

This week at Family Dollar, Dial Bar Soap is on sale for just $2.00. We have coupons AND an Ibotta offer we can use to save even more!

$1.00 off any 2 Dial liquid hand soap or bar soaps

Dial Bar Soap 3ct $2.00
$1.00/2 Dial Bar Soap 3ct+ coupon
$1.00 Dial Bar Soap Ibotta Offer
Total:$2.00 ($1.00 each)

Tide Pods only $2.45 at Dollar General!

tide pods at dg

If you held onto those high value $2.00/1 Tide Pods coupons from the 7/6 P&G coupon inserts you can use them at Dollar General and get a great deal!

Tide Pods 14ct $4.45
$2.00/1 Tide Pods from 7/6 P&G
Total: $2.45

Gain Flings $4.45 14ct
$2.00/1 Gain Flings from 7/6 P&G
Total: $2.45

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Gerber Baby Food only $0.85 each at Dollar General

Gerber 2nd Foods

Woohoo Gerber Baby Food coupons are back! Right now at Dollar General you’ll pay just $0.85 each when you buy four!

$1.00 off four (4) Gerber 2nd Foods 2-Pack Tubs

Gerber 2nd Baby Foods 2pk $1.10
$1.00/4 Gerber 2nd Baby Foods coupon
Total: $0.85 each!

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$5/$25 Dollar General Store Coupon (Valid 7/26 Only)

dollar general store coupons

Starting tomorrow you can use the $5/$25 Dollar General Store coupons on your next scenario. We also have a bonus $5/$25 Dollar General Store coupon to use on school supplies too!

Crayola Crayons 24ct $0.50

Crayola Crayons 64ct $3.00

Elmer’s Glue $1.00

Pencil Pouch $1.00

dollar general deals

We have a ton of possibilities with Dollar General Back to School Deals

Kellogg’s Poptarts only $0.67 per box

poptarts walmart dollar tree

Hurry and grab the $1.00/3 Kellogg’s Poptart coupons now and get yours for just $0.67 per box at Dollar Tree! These exact same poptarts normally sell for almost $2 per box at Walmart so this is a great deal!

$1.00 off 3 Kellogg's Pop-Tarts toaster pastries

Kellogg’s Poptarts 8ct $1.00
$1.00/3 Kellogg’s Poptarts coupon
Total: $0.67 each

Free Lindsay Olives at Dollar Tree

Lindsay Olives at Dollar Tree

Who doesn’t love free? Especially when it’s FREE food items! Print the $1.00/1 Lindsay Olives coupon here and check your Dollar Tree stores!

lindsay olive coupon

Lindsay Olives $1.00
$1.00/1 Lindsay Olives coupon
Total: FREE

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Thanks: My Dallas Mommy!

Dollar General $5/$25 Store Coupon (Valid 7/19 ONLY)

dollar general coupon

Today is the day, grab your $5/$25 Dollar General coupon to use in stores!

Here are a few scenarios to use:

Scenario # 1: Buy 5 Downy Unstoppables $5.00
$5/$25 Dollar General coupon
(4) $2.00/1 Downy Unstoppables from 7/6 P&G
(1) $1.00/1 Downy Unstoppables from 7/13 RP
Total: $10.00 ($2.00 each)

$2.00 off ONE Secret Clinical Deodorant

Scenario # 2 Buy 5 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant $5.00
$5/$25 Dollar General coupon
(1) $4.00/2 Secret Clinical Deodorant from 7/6 P&G
(3) $2.00/1 Secret Clinical Deodorant coupon
Total: $10.00 ($2.00 each)

Don’t forget you can also stock up on your school supplies today, be sure to check out the Dollar General Back to School Deals here


FREE L’Oreal Pairs Eye Products at Dollar Tree!

L Oreal DT

There’s been plenty of L’Oreal Paris Eye Products spotted at Dollar Tree lately, eye liner, eye shadow, and more! Be sure to grab the $1.00/1 L’Oreal Paris Eye Product coupon now and get your freebies! Remember that Dollar Tree only accepts 2 printable coupons each!

SAVE $1.00 on ANY L’Oréal® Paris eye product

L’Oreal Paris Eye Highlighter $1.00

$1.00/1 L’Oreal Paris Eye Product coupon
Total: FREE

FREE 4C Liquid Water Enhancer at Dollar Tree

free 4c at dollar tree

Check your Dollar Tree stores for a possible freebie with the $1.00/1 4C Water Enhancer printable coupon! So far I think the only ones that have been spotted are the 4C Energy Green Storm type.

Save $1.00 on any 4C Liquid Water Enhancer including Iced Tea, Energy or Drink Mix

4C Energy Rush Green Storm Water Enhancer $1.00
$1.00/1 4C Water Enhancer coupon
Total: FREE!


Thanks Couponing for Freebies!